Monday, March 09, 2015

the birthday that was, or was it?

Thanks everyone for the warm wishes and sweet thoughts! Rather than bore you with the usual speech of gratitude, let me humour you instead on this auspicious day. I booked my flight earlier than usual in the hopes of coming back in time for my birthday weekend. It was almost perfect; the business trip went well, I did what I went to Europe for, and accomplished 5 milestones in 2 weeks.

Was happy I visited a new country though I didn't get a stamp on the passport, enjoyed so much Scandinavian dishes I forgot I missed rice, and appreciated the better work-life balance that Asian companies are not known for. Even though I was still on calls with my boss, and some agencies up till the airplane was about to take off, I was quite pleased with myself, but very much thankful for His grace and mercy for such a "I-don't-quite-know-what-adjective-to-use" trip in Europe this time around.

I had called up a few people to let them know I was back, and was anticipating a lovely birthday lunch which was planned weeks in advance. Snuggled back in my bed, set 2 alarm clocks just in case, and off I went to dreamland.

Next thing I knew, I woke up to see 3:37 on my phone. Is that AM or PM? OMG, as I looked out the window through the heavy curtains, I had missed my own birthday celebration.The jet lag and period and whole trip must have conspired against me! I didn't realise I was so tired, but I guess my body needed the rest.

My dear friends were so kind that they brought the birthday cake, the food they cooked, and the presents to church. Was very touched at their generosity, time and effort put into planning my special day. You should've seen the video they took singing birthday songs for me, with an empty chair reserved for me!

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