Tuesday, March 17, 2015

will i dream again tonight?

Excuse while I try to take a breather. It's nice to look back at the pictures I took at The Hiding Place because it's so calming.

Now that I'm back in Japan, still need to sort out expenses not to mention get back to normal routine. Just when I thought after doing some great stuff in Europe, I could take a bit of rest while things go on. Of course life is not that easy. Or maybe I'm just recovering from jet lag. Or the European hours is here to stay.

Been waking up tired because I was still dreaming halfway, and I actually remembered details from past 3 days.

First day was in a school-like setting, with me trying to look for suitable lockers to place different pieces of belonging while making sure they were locked - hence the purpose of lockers.

Second day was rather mystical; the image that stood out was of snow falling and my view getting rather misty due to the wonders of winter surrounding me.

And this morning, I saw some blocks of apartment-hotel that I was staying at, surrounded by what seemed like stalls set up like in pasar ramadan. I thought I had enough supper before going to bed, but perhaps my brain was still hungry.

Some say there are meanings to dreams. Some say it's your brain's way of processing events and thoughts from that day. I think I'd rather have dreamless sleep anytime. Unless, these dreams actually mean something.

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