Wednesday, March 17, 2004

of green tea on a sunday night

Note to self : No drinking of green tea at night, unless I plan to have all night prayer.

Sunday's birthday do was refreshing. The highlight of the week (which started out unexpectedly and went on a hectic pace) proved to be therapeutic. I really needed to unwind and was looking forward to what my friends had planned for me. Nothing extravagant, but the very thought that they cared was fuzzywuzzy enough. Heh!

I'd give Tokyo Garden an average rating, say 3 out of 5, for food, ambience, service and authenticity. It was quite a popular place with Subang families, and we were soon settled down figuring out what to have for dinner.

My friends (whom I shall call Lok, Reen and Q) gave me really lurvely pressies. Q, probably knowing my penchant for quirky practical stuff gave me this coaster-and-mouse-pad set. Upon further inspection, this zany set can even be broken up into smaller pieces to play 4 different board games! A definite for those who travel light.

Lok was original. He took out 3 photographs from his shirt pocket to reveal beautifully taken shots of a sunset over Taipan. He aptly titled it "Plane piercing clouds" (or something to that effect). To personalise it, I had him autograph his masterpieces in case he becomes a famous photographer one day.

Reen was expectedly grrly with her gifts. The brown teddy came in a matching gift box. On top of teddy was a smaller gift box. In it was a pearl-like pendant with pressed flowers. I was about to ask her about the same necklace she was wearing that night when she explained that she bought it in a pair. Sweet!

But of course, my main issue is about the green tea. I have digressed way out of topic. Over chats and laughter, we were served green tea again and again. Refillable. Forgetting momentarily that tea keeps me awake just like coffee, I happily downed at least 3 cupful.

That kept me awake the whole night. When I told this to Q the next day, she suggested that maybe I was too delirious over the whole birthday do. Perhaps. It was a happy event after all.

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