Monday, March 22, 2004

of the recount

It's now 5:13pm and the final results for the state of Kelantan is still not out. At last count, BN and PAS have an equal share of 20 state seats each. 1 seat got captured by an Independent candidate, and that leaves 4 more seats in question. Previously BN claimed victory over Kelantan, but the whole of today was spent on recounting the votes.

Personally I am quite indifferent to whether BN or PAS wins over the Malay heartland hehe. Well, I was there for 4 years and I kinda liked the slow laidback lifestyle there. But things gradually changed for the worse after I shifted to Penang. Seems that they banned the cinema, open-air cultural shows and had separate check out lanes for men and women in shopping complexes (among other rules).

On one hand, if BN rules, there would be anticipation of much (positive) change and development in the state. Women would not be asked to cover up whenever they go out. Instead, they could if they choose to. They would not be shunned upon if they're deemed prettier than their colleagues at the workplace.

Heck, the only benefit (I can think of) of having PAS as a ruling state government would be to provide a check and balance (albeit a minor one, says IreneQ) to the ruling federal government.

A friend of mine who works under Petronas in Terengganu messaged me at midnight yesterday: "P4S* P4Ssed away in T'ganu"

*(Will IS4 look for me for posting this??)

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