Friday, June 04, 2004

spa and massage

Yay! Looking forward to this weekend!
Made an appointment with the spa lady. Was surprised that I managed to get an afternoon slot with her tomorrow. Thought weekends would be packed.

Anyways, I'm finally gonna utilise the spa voucher my grrlfriends gave me for my birthday. No time mah. Was planning to take leave just to pamper myself. But then again, don't think it's such a wise idea. I'll probably be so relaxed that I don't have mood to go to work liao.

Since there's this promotion going on, I think I might just be able to squeeze in a full body massage, body scrub and maybe foot spa :D See how.

Abit scared lar. First time doing this. Baring my body to strangers. The last time I did that was during a minor op, but I was knocked out unconscious by the aneasthesia, so that doesn't really count.

One of my grrlfriends got a massage voucher for Leon@rd Dr@ke and had the "privilege" of being rubbed at the "chests". Being a first timer, she felt er, strange. But then again, there's a first time for everything, right? :D

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