Monday, September 06, 2004

7 ten kiu

Thank God for happ'nin weekends
For making them something to look forward to
For exciting things at the end of the week

Thank God for the CF reunion
For friends who are still as wacky as ever
For those who have changed for the better

Thank God for ST's new baby
For the bundle of joy You have blessed them with
For the mummy and baby's good health

Thank God for arty fartyness
For creative people and their colorful world
For making the world not just black and white

Thank God for birthdays
For giving us another day to live for You
For blessing us abundantly

Thank God for farewells
For teaching us how to appreciate friends
For giving us new friends as well

Thank God for new teachers in Jr Church
For the extra help much needed
For their zeal in ministry

Thank God for Mondays
For a new week to start all over again
For the work I left on Friday only to see it again today!

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