Monday, September 20, 2004

ad deum

Was mesmerised by the dancers from Ad Deum with their lithe and graceful movements. Read below for a friend's review of the show. Little did I realise that by posting up on YM offers for 2 free tickets, I'd be blessing someone, and her friend :)

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Ad Deum Dance Perfomance 2004.
A biblical worldview of the arts

Blessed and blessed indeed.

God really does bless us. But not always in the ways we want I suppose. Wanted badly to attend this dance concert that was being held in GTPJ and Lightbulb was supposed to go on Friday. But I was working morning shift and the show started at 8.30pm. Was contemplating on going on Thursday instead but couldn't think of who to ask to go with me and how I would get my transportation! So resigned to the fact that I'll just have to hear about it.

Then on Thursday afternoon I saw a friend's status that said she had two complimentary tickets for the dance that night! So I messaged her and got the tickets. Hurray! Plus my wonderful housemate agreed to come along to drive me there. Wheeeeeee... I was elated! A chance to go to the dance performance for free. And on top of that, I got to sit 3rd row from the front. *BLISS*

Finding the place was easy enough though we were 15 minutes late. The first thing that struck us was the car park. We parked on top and walked down...and were dumbfounded by the vastness of the carpark! Heh. Chun. The main sanctuary was no less mesmerizing. It could fit about 2800 people comfortably. Nice...

Missed the first half of the first piece.Out of Egypt. Or something like that. Didn't quite catch the title. This piece was about the captives in Egypt. The choreograper, Randy is the founder of the dance company and also an accomplished ballet teacher. His moves were mostly ballet moves but creatively different and more expressive with hints of acting.

The second story, Ana's hope was about a woman whose husband was caught during some war or something or other. And while other women in the village just went about their daily lives ignoring the pain and grief, Ana held on to her hope, her God. The costumes were dreamy-like and flowy. Suited the mood.

There was a short intermission before the third piece which was a comedy ballet. Is anybody out there? The songs were from Burlap to Cashmere and it was fast paced and super funny! Twas a 3-person piece. Basically potraying people finding the way to the Light in a comedic way. And the guy...he brought the house down with his amusing antics! He got the audience to sing "He's got the whole world in His hands"...whistle the tune...and hum the tune. The look on his face itself was enough to make you cry tears of laughter. This was by far my favorite!

The last dance, The Saviour was a more serious piece. The first scene was a duet that potrayed Adam and Eve. Then the "serpent" came in a form of 3 girls dressed in cat-women-like costumes with masks. Lovely! Then it went on to speak about when the kings of the earth rulled without the fear of God. How the Isarealites asked God for a saviour, when Jesus came down and His crucifixion.

So much more that can't be put into words. Simply wonderful. Inspired me more to pursue performing arts when I graduate...if I graduate...later! Thank you Sarah and Kae Ee...for making my day!

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