Tuesday, September 14, 2004

of white dresses and intimate wear

1 week left to Serena's wedding. And it slowly dawned on me that the bridesmaid has a few things to settle. And I thought only the bride has a long to-do list.

Bought a simple but sweet looking white dress more than 1 month ago. It was the only one I could find. The rest were either way off budget or too big for me. Since I was the bridesmaid, Serena said I could either rent one from the bridal studio, buy it from a boutique or tailor make one myself.

After enquiring about the prices, we realised that at the same price, it's better to buy a dress rather than rent one. So I decided to shop for a decent looking one which I could wear next time. Nothing came up after searching in various shopping malls.

Well, I saw a few which were really lovely, but they were too expensive. At that point, I did think of going to a tailor to make one. The thought of having to source for the cloth and materials myself seemed rather troublesome. So I settled for one which was reasonably priced and it had my size! I grabbed the opportunity and bought it the same week itself. I had to convince myself that there weren't many nice white dresses out there, and if I didn't get it then, I might not see it again.

Everything was going well, until I realised that it wasn't just the dress I had to get. There were also shoes, matching accessories, make up and hair to go with it, nice decent lingerie (coz the material was rather sheer :P) and also a shawl to cover the shoulders. After all, this was going to a be a church wedding. Can't stumble the brothers haha....

You know, having yahoo messenger really works wonders for me. And connection with a lot of people. In a week, 4 people volunteered to lend their shawls to me. Now they are sitting in paperbags in my room. I have another one coming in this week. Some weren't very suitable for the dress, some had patterns on it, and there was one which looked like it had gone through a rough tumble in the washing machine. I hope the 5th one (which was worn by another former bridesmaid) will look just right on the dress!

And don't even mention the lingerie. I realised with normal undies, one could actually make out the VPL. So off I went shopping for a slip. But to my dismay, not many lingerie brands have simple ones. I saw lots of lacy ones though. I was advised by a friend to go for a white lacey g-string(!) She said it would look sexy and sweet at the same time. I would have agreed (coz I saw some nice ones in Dorothy Perkins) if not for the fact that it would be held in a church :P

To solve my problem, I got some nice "intimate wear", which I can't disclose here, for some guys have overactive imagination haha. But for those who've noticed my custom mesg over yahoo, they'd know wat I'm talking about :P I've tried one of it and from the shape it looks painfully uncomfortable. I guess, it just needs some getting used to. I think I shall have to practice wearing it so that I won't be seen adjusting on the big day itself!

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