Wednesday, July 27, 2005

stabbed in the uterus

Urgh. I'm dying. This is horrible. I don't care, I'm gonna blog about this, without caring about grammar nor sense.

Today I wish being a grrl wasn't so difficult. So torturing. Childbirth better be easy if this is what I have to go through!

Driving to work felt like er, how shall I put this? It felt like I was stabbed with a knife, in the uterus. Now and then, the knife is twisted to an angle, slowly at a time. And a part of me dies with each twist. And all the while, I'm bleeding. To my death.

Whatever perkiness I had in the morning disappeared with the sharp pangs of pain. Could hardly concentrate on the road. The music felt so loud, everything seemed so surreal. I didn't care, I tried to take my mind off by singing to the music. Massaging my abdomen with my thumb. It felt a little better, but the knife is still there.

Can I just use the knife and take out my uterus? Spare me the pain of more pain.

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