Thursday, January 17, 2008

flurries or snow, who knows?

This was taken off my Skype today. The first message was sent at 01:40:04 Japan time, but since my laptop is set to Malaysian time, the following took place 1 hour after.

[12:40:04 AM] me: i think its snowing!
[10:51:40 AM] shok wan: where??
[10:51:46 AM] me: aiyo u ar
[10:51:48 AM] me: last night
[10:51:59 AM] shok wan: realli??
[10:52:06 AM] shok wan: i slept d
[10:52:24 AM] me: yalor
[10:52:27 AM] me: about 130 like that
[10:52:34 AM] shok wan: nice?
[10:52:38 AM] shok wan: or flurries?
[10:52:49 AM] shok wan: ya last nite was cold! n cloudy
[10:58:42 AM] me: ya ya
[10:58:48 AM] me: it was mixture of rain n soft snow
[10:59:01 AM] me: i tot was raining at first.. was surprised coz weather forecast was no rain at all this week
[10:59:06 AM] me: and secretly i was hoping that it woudl be snow
[10:59:13 AM] me: so when i opened the window, i saw mixture of both
[10:59:15 AM] me: was so happy!
[10:59:17 AM] me: so magical
[10:59:19 AM] me: even tho so little
[11:00:34 AM] shok wan: i wish there is a bigger one b4 i leave
[11:00:41 AM] shok wan: but fat hope
[11:02:15 AM] me: so i was surprised this morning was quite bright n sunny
[11:02:21 AM] me: then i knew .... the snow would've melted already
[11:02:49 AM] shok wan: the snow woul dhave melted last nite itself anyways
[11:02:55 AM] shok wan: flurries dont pile up
[11:03:22 AM] shok wan: but congrats u saw the first snow of the season!
[11:03:31 AM] me: who knws mayb there were some bfore this?
[11:03:37 AM] me: but we slept through it?
[11:06:39 AM] shok wan: true
[11:06:45 AM] shok wan: but u saw snow
[11:06:45 AM] shok wan: :D

Unfortunately I don't have the pics for these. The flurries melted almost as soon as they landed. But who cares, it snowed!

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