Thursday, January 03, 2008

what will the new year bring?

I don't know much about politics except that it's dirty. Much has happened just before the New Year and even after, in other countries and back home. Tragedies and disasters don't pause during holidays, some in fact worsen on special occasions. I was even told that I shouldn't be flying on New Year's Day coz apparently there is higher percentage of the plane being hijacked or being struck down.

One of the most shocking news was the death and murder of Benazir Bhutto. I grew up hearing her name many times, but never really knew who she was except that she was this fearless lady in Pakistan. But after her tragic death just last week, I read about her colourful background and her rise to lead the people of Pakistan on the road to democracy. I am proud that a lady like her had the guts and determination to fight, in a land where the national religion does not seem to favour women leaders.

The other surprise, not so much as shock, was the resignation of Dr Chua Soi Lek, VP of MCA and Malaysia's Health Minister. His list of accomplishments for the health sector and the country was rather impressive. But I'm sure he's not the only one with a scandal to his name. His resignation did not come as a surprise, but I'm disappointed that other ministers who's probably had bigger secrets in their lives are the ones asking him to resign.

No matter how good your intention, politics will remain dirty, and corrupted. I'm sorry that Benazir is no longer there to lead her countrymen to a better future, but I wish for more women leaders to stand up and do what's necessary. Women may be considered the more emotional beings, but they provide balance to the men who can be so hard-hearted sometimes. I'm also sorry that out of the more corrupt leaders, Dr Chua got caught instead. Some people are too quick to notice the speck in their brother's eye than the log in their own. I admire his guts to admit his own wrongdoing.

This is not a perfect world, and will never be. There's still so much sadness and pain in the world today. A lot of people wonder what the future brings, and wish that the turn of the year will automatically bring better things ahead. Unfortunately, for some it only gets worse. The only constant is Jesus. I wish you would get to know Him, and have Him walk by your side as you start your life anew this year. The bad and ugly will still be there, but His peace will always be your guiding assurance.

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