Sunday, April 06, 2008

colourful pills

I'm supposed to have posted about my previous weekend enjoying the last bit of winter, but since there's quite a bit of pictures there, thought I'd put this up first. I got this from my Papa who while cleaning up his cabinet, stumbled upon some family photos and decided to scan this and send it to me. This was taken in 1982, just before he departed for Holland for a training course sent by the Drainage and Irrigation Department.

In front were the family members, and behind standing were his colleagues who came to send him off. My mum was to join him soon after that, and they had their "2nd honeymoon" there while they toured abit around Europe during that 3 month period. During that time, they sent my brother to our paternal grandparents' while I lived with my mum's parents.

I'm not sure if it was during this time, but I remember mistakenly swallowing my granpa's athmatic pills, thinking they were colourful M&M candies. I had to be sent to the hospital where they tried to purge them out. Can't quite remember the details, but one image vividly stood out, that was of the nurses trying to keep me still while I struggled to free myself from them. Maybe until today I don't quite like candies so much, especially those colourful ones :p

Guess which kid in the picture almost died of "M&M candy overdose"?!

(But you know what, I don't even remember actually taking those pills, but my granma caught me holding the white plastic packet containing my granpa's medicine...)

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