Wednesday, April 23, 2008

trying to beat each other

The landlord hosted a little sukiyaki party the previous night as a get-together for my guests from Malaysia (Leon & gf), and Danny, my Chinese house mate. He also invited his long-time friend, Sasaki-san who never failed to entertain us with his stories* and experiences. For those of you who have not eaten sukiyaki before, it involves dipping freshly cooked beef into raw egg, something unusual especially for those who don't fancy raw food.

Sasaki-san : When I was young, we were very poor. We couldn't afford to eat much, so our food was basic. We had to pour soy sauce over the rice, and crack open a raw egg over it. That was our meal.

Me : My parents had a similar experience too! But they had even less. All they ate was rice poured with soy sauce and fried garlic. No money for eggs even.

Danny : My parents were so poor they had to eat the bark of a tree (!)

Leon : My parents were so so poor they almost ate me! (!!!)

* This particular one stood out because he was trying to explain the humour of it in Japanese, but we finally got it when we saw this video clip of upcoming Bulgarian Idol-wannabe who sang the now-famous song "Ken Lee".

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