Friday, April 25, 2008

wearing many hats

During a corporate rebranding exercise, the boss tried to streamline positions by reducing the number of different titles in the company. I was to be given the new post of Accounts Executive because he said it reflected my responsibilities better. But that got me thinking about all the responsibilities I have, and if there was a title that fit all of them:

Dealing with an asset management company, I'm involved with client relationship management and the occasional HTML coding.

Dealing with a golf course management client, I come up with designs and advise on process flow.

Dealing with an e-commerce store selling traditional Japanese crafts, I style up images and cook up brilliant promo material to entice people to buy them.

Dealing with an avant garde furniture seller, I help with translations and copy writing.

Dealing with a British bakery, I do endless testing and make sure they get sufficient training to update the site themselves.

Dealing with the top Japanese real estate agency, I make presentations and persuade them why they should switch from plain graphic to interactive video.

Dealing with a UN-affiliate involved with timber trade, I liaise between designers, developers and coders to come up with the best CMS.

Dealing from within the company itself, I contribute to overall improvement in work flow, processes and communications.

So what am I supposed to be called??

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