Monday, July 06, 2009

coca-cola going green

The Japanese are known to always come up with something new. Not just every season but almost every single week. It's very competitive here; unless you have something new on the shelf you will lose your customers.

The convenience store and shopping centers are where you will see the latest product, be it food, home products, clothes, electronic gadgets, well, just about almost everything that you need.

This time Coca-Cola (which produces more than just its famous carbonated drink in Japan) goes green by coming up with a bottle that is so light that you can twist and crumple it.

1. CHOOSE Japanese water
2. DRINK the delicious water
3. WRING the most lightweight bottle ever!
and do your part for the environment :)

Since we recycle bottles, the I LOHAS makes even more sense since the crumpled bottle takes up much less space, and uses less material to produce.

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