Wednesday, July 29, 2009

heavenlier lamb stews

I happened to rush back for awhile to take a break before going out again and wanted to eat something quick. So I poured out some of the remaining wine to heat up the leftover lamb, let it simmer in the pan and went up to my room.

When I came down, the wine had dried up, along with the remaining sauce from the night before. I was afraid that I might have killed the rest of the lamb by letting it on for too long.

But what I didn't realise was that the dried up stew actually tasted better! The slices of potato tasted like a crispy french fries, the sauce had turned to rich chunks of chewy heaven and the lamb had gotten even softer and easier to bite off!

Yum, didn't know leftovers can taste so good...

You can read about our initial experiment with the first batch of lamb shanks, and also the second batch which inspired the word heavenlier!

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