Friday, July 03, 2009

sew she does

I don't think I've ever promoted anyone's blog before, especially someone I don't know, but I really love her designs! Aishah introduced sew i do to me today and I got hooked looking through her site.

She makes it seem so easy to just take a piece of cloth or some wool and make something usable out of it within few hours. She's refashioned old dresses into hip ones, knitted hats and scarves for her friends, turned her hubby's old T-shirt into a cool top for herself and many other creative projects that I wish I could do the same too!

Here is one that looks rather simple yet so cool looking - reversible Charlie bags, made out of Ikea fabrics. She had so much fun that she ended up making 33 of these bags! She's sold most of them at a local market, and are giving away the extra's.

I hope I win one! But even if I don't, I'd still say I like her sense of fashion and colour.

I remember my mum and aunt used to make the curtains for the home and hand-sew other homely decor, and my granma used to make quilts for our blankets, but I never showed any interest in those back then. I'm quite sure if the women in my mum's side could do it, I would've have inherited some of those genes!

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