Friday, July 24, 2009

lingering whiff of that summer

there was something about the air
i inhaled deeper.
that familiar scent,
the smell of summer.
of cotton yukata's, linen dresses, hanabi parties,
and deep memories
of when i first moved to tokyo.

humid evenings and chilled rooms,
shorts, tank tops, flipflops.

times flies
when you're having too much fun.
don't know why summer 2 years ago left an indelible impression,
yet that's what memories are made of.

friends forged through suffering and trials
camaraderie. pat in the backs. looking out for each other
simple joys, gratitude
i can never thank God enough.

the air was different than that of the other continent
it brought me back to reality
reminded me
bringing with it a flurry of images, sights, sounds,
laughter and hugs
glimpses of unspoken stories,
insights into souls
how will the tale go on from here.

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