Saturday, December 26, 2009

christmas lambs

Hope you all have had a blessed Christmas with your loved ones :)

For me, most of the celebrations were done ahead, especially over the last long weekend. It's always nice to have it earlier, so that you can start collecting and giving presents instead of frantically trying to cram everything and everyone on one single day.

And also, spread the dinners and parties so that you don't feel overly guilty for stuffing yourself silly at one go.

This year's food theme seem to be lamb, at least for my family. I absolutely have no complains about that, because I have to say lamb tastes so much better than turkey. And it can be cooked in so many variety of ways. (Eg : After my parent's christmas party, my mum's friend used the leftover meat and bones to make sup kambing and tangy lamb stew)

I was just telling Boon Leong that turkey is overrated. I don't understand why people for generations, now the world over, are buying and eating turkey for Christmas.

me: i think the trend this year is lamb. but i'm not complaining. i still love lamb better than turkey

Boon: actually, i don't get turkey. i's really not good at all. don't know why there's a tradition that eats something so tough...

me: haha ya man. duno why ppl keep buying and making turkey. just becoz its tradition

Boon: i think they made a mistake and didn't have the guts to admit it

me: you mean for so many years??

Boon: yeah...of course. but in the beginning, it was just a mistake. the first guy made a mistake. i think he must be in marketing or something. so he managed to convince ppl it's actually cool to eat turkey. especially during christmas. then after that, those who didn't eat turkey are perceived as un-cool. so in order to remain cool, they had to swallow the tough bird...that's the story

me: wah you so creative. you bring no shame to pisces

Boon: no serious...this is the hidden truth... it's completely unlike chinese. the chinese invent a very good food first. then look for an excuse (in the form of a festival) to gorge it

me: hahaha

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