Thursday, December 24, 2009

spanking new office

Allow me to introduce my workplace. I am based at the client's and I must say I know tonnes more about the client than my own company.

Our team sits at one corner so we get excellent views all around. To our left are many empty cubicles, yet to be occupied.

To the right are more empty cubicles, soon to be occupied by new recruits when they come in next year. Some Helpdesk people are already there now.

Directly behind is a view of the closest buildings around us, and Brickfields in the background.

Not forgetting the Le Meridien and KL Hilton hotels, and the KL Sentral station, and also a view of the city centre in the far end.

We have a pretty lively looking pantry where CNN is broadcasted all day, newspapers are available for reading and there's free flow of coffee, tea, milo and even biscuits and oat for the taking. Sometimes we have meetings here too.

I like the views from here because there's just so much greenery around, especially after staring at the laptop for too long.

Amongst many other things, I really like that our client, as a company, takes care of its employees really well. This extends to their contract workers, and also their vendors such as us. I had asked for some stationery, not knowing that in our line of work, we're supposed to be mobile workers, bringing all our stationery along with us.

To my surprise, they were so generous! I had only asked for basic stuff, but this was like a goodie bag already. I like my client so much I don't mind working here longer... >.<

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