Tuesday, December 29, 2009

豊かな人生模様 woven hemp

I had written this just before the Jakarta post, but somehow left it in the drafts.

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I know this is beginning to sound quite ridiculous because it seems that I'm travelling a lot this year. Being at the state I am right now, not only is it considered indulgent but, "sinful"!

Having travelled to 5 countries (yes, Vatican is a country) and at least double more cities when these are not business trips was something I never thought I would be doing in the beginning of this year. There is no reason to envy me because after all these trips I am as broke as a church mouse. I have personal reasons for taking up these trips (carpe diem is one big factor), and even though I have to start earning $ back I have no regrets pursuing my passion.

I don't know how else to explain it except that I am most humbled at being blessed by the people who have decided to host me. I had very little expectations, and was prepared to fork out my own money, but in the end it's the goodness of these people that I am convinced again that God will continue to provide for me and look after my needs.

It is also these very friends that I am deeply indebted to, as I think about how I can ever return their favour and express my gratitude to them. They may not know how I feel or have an inkling what I've been through, and their acts may not even seem like a big deal to them. Yet to me, it goes to show what little done from the heart can be so significant in many ways.

As the year comes to an end, and as I recall the amazing places I've visited and beautiful people I've met, I can say that even though this year has been a tough one, it has been very colourful too. It's like the weaving of a cloth where the fabric is made of hemp, coarse and not gentle to the skin. At first touch, it may not be inviting. However, sweep your fingers across and you will find that all over the cloth are threads of various colours and textures.

Baby pink in silk for those cherry blossoms in Japan, thick crimson red ones for Italy, navy blue velvet strands reminds me of the proud French, yarn in rich amber for that short stay in Indonesia, multi-coloured cotton threads for my homeland.

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