Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Towards the end of my "extended-leave" period, I got a call for an interview with H company. By that time, I was already about to decide on one of the offers I had, because I was quite tired at preparing and going for anymore interviews.

I had gradually learnt to be more picky because I didn't want to waste the interviewer's time and mine, especially if I knew it wasn't a company/job that I'd see myself working for.

So I called the lady back, wanting to apologise for the inconvenience. She asked for the reason for not being able to make it. Instead of saying how I really felt, suddenly these came from my mouth, "I already have a job offer!"

I said to myself after putting the phone down, "What have I just said?!" I wondered where that came from, because even though it was true that I had some offers to choose from, they were not really what I would have chosen if given a choice.

There I was, still without an official confirmation that I had a new job at hand, and yet so bold and confident as if I had.

Sometimes the inner me have a better inkling of what God has in store than my logical self could comprehend.

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