Friday, February 12, 2010

ginger ale kit kats

I do not have a sweet tooth, but looking at the amazing variety that Kit Kat Japan manufactures, I wouldn't mind getting a toothache just trying out their many different flavours.

Knowing that Yuri would visit again, I ordered some funky Kit Kat's from her. She brought a lot of summer/autumn flavours for me to try. Yumz!

Even though other countries such as the UK and France have four seasons, they do not have as many varieties as the Japanese do.

I've tried the ジンジャーエール味 (ginger ale) which was quite true to its flavour. Somewhat tangy and slightly carbonated if I may add, it's like consuming ginger ale in solid form! This must have been one of the last few from the summer series.

This should be an interesting one, 充実野菜, which directly translated means complete/perfect vegetables. I think it means this is equivalent to eating vegetables; it contains flavourings of the following vege/fruit : apple, carrot, grapes, lemon, celery, capsicum, asparagus, cabbage, angelica, kale, rape, parsley, spinach, radish

The Ito En brand produces the Juujitsu Yasai series of vegetable juice which can be easily found in 100yen shops and supermarkets. I'm not too sure of its vegetable content, but the colour of the juices are pretty intense themselves!

The 黄な粉おはぎ味 is supposed to taste like a rice ball coated with sweetened red beans. Yup, that perennial favourite - the mochi. So if I can't have mochi now, the closest I'll get will be this one from Kit Kat!

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