Monday, February 22, 2010

pearl of the orient p2

When Sookie found out I was going to visit her in Penang, she said she'd treat me to a belated birthday gift - a visit to the spa! I told her that was just what I needed. I had just survived my 2nd week at work, and I haven't had such a treat ever since I left Malaysia!

According to Sookie, Penang's answer to nature-inspired spa is probably the closest they have to the Cyberview Lodge Sembunyi Spa. Danai Spa is tucked in a little corner amongst grand bungalows in Tanjung Bungah, but unfortunately a newly-build hotel blocked the view of the sea.

So on a hot Saturday afternoon, even before I had a chance to rest my feet at her apartment, she whisked me away for a grrlie treat. We reached there slightly earlier so that we could enjoy the facilities before the massage.

We had our feet washed before walking through the wading pool on the way to the jacuzzi. This may not be as classy as Sembunyi, but they do make the effort in making it as cosy as the surroundings would allow.

There are separate pools at the back of the bungalow which faces the sea, and it would have been quite a tropical retreat if not for the hotel in front. I remember being in a jacuzzi in Niigata with another onsen-lover and she said it's good to let the gush of bubbles tone up the butt!

We were quite reluctant to get out of the pool, if not for the full body massage that awaited us. So we quickly sipped the complimentary ginger tea and made our way back inside the bungalow.

This was all that I could take of the dimmed room before leaving the camera aside as I allowed the masseuse to work her magic on my tired muscles.

Even though we were in the same room, we didn't talk much. It was either the soothing music had a calming effect, or we were too much in pain to say anything! We took the Danai Signature Massage which was a combination of Swedish, Japanese and Indonesian techniques. I was quite proud of myself that I didn't start giggling when the masseuse massaged my abdomen.

I was so grateful for the whole experience; if I had such a treat every weekend I'd happily work with whatever stress may come because I would have something to look forward to at the end of it.

In fact, if every weekend was filled with such glorious food and pampering, that would be the cure to all stresses!


classyadele said...

Looking good, ladies! Wish I was there!

SL said...

i wish i was there looo... i can't remember when was the last time i visited a spa. the spa treatment/massage here in aussie is rather pricey.

§nóflèk said...

bet you grrls would love it too :) i totally understand how it feels to WANT/NEED a spa treat and you just can't afford to spend so much on it. i guess this is one of the pluses of being in m'sia!

Thomas Hoo said...

reminds me of onsen in Japan