Tuesday, February 16, 2010

home for cny

Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Valentine's :) Hope it's not too late to wish, but spring cleaning and feasting are on top of the priority these days.

This is my first since I got back to Malaysia, my last one was probably 3 years ago. Back then, my paternal grandparents' house in Puchong was so tiny we didn't even have enough standing room! My dad's side with his 7~ siblings and all the cousins and grandchildren would make their way to this apartment every year without fail for a great time of reunion. Save for the eldest Aunt's family who's settled in Kuantan.

Few years ago, Granma Lee was invited to move in with my youngest uncle and his wife so they could take better care of her. Their house is not considered big, but its space sure is a stark contrast to the cramped but merry little space we had back then.

When I attended my cousins' weddings last year, I managed to catch up with some of my relatives. The little kids aren't that little anymore, in fact the boys are almost the same height or taller than me. Some of the older cousins have gone overseas, whereas I have returned. The different seasons in each reminds me how time flies indeed.

Even though the maternal side of the family is less than half the size of the paternal, the family members have grown with cousin Leigh's 2 kids. I miss Granma Wong and her cooking during this time of the year; and even though I never got to say goodbye to her, her legacy remains with us. Even the picture of her in my oldest uncle's house immortalised that Hainanese beauty in her. 

It's always interesting to see which facial features are inherited by which child in the family. Some are obvious just by looking at them; whereas personalities are more difficult to tell first glance. I'd like to think that usually it's the best features that get passed down; either that or people nowadays take great care in how they eat, behave and dress up!

Anyways, times like these are opportunities to catch up with relatives and friends whom we don't get to see other times of the year; in my case, trying to remember what titles by which the older relatives are called in Mandarin and Cantonese lest I incur their wrath and not receive that red packet >.<

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