Thursday, February 04, 2010

interesting textures

Last week was the peak of all the LT visits. A couple of Leadership Teams were in KL for high-level discussions and to see the mass interviews that were being held for our new Centre.

We also played host to various hiring managers from the respective centres who flew down from UK and US, with our recruiters making full use of their time by cramming as many as 60+ interviews in a span of 2-3 weeks.

As many as 5 different teams came during that period. We had more than double the number of visitors of the previous LT visit. Thus it was befitting to have a group dinner just before the long weekend.

Usually they would have their own dinners, after-dinner drinks and local tours, but this time they invited us. We helped them choose the Bangsar Seafood Garden out of a list of recommended restaurants which were the closest to our office.

Since BSG offered some New Year Promotion, we decided to share with them a little of the Chinese culture in Malaysia. We took Set Menu C which was neither too expensive nor the least pricey.

Our visitors seemed to be amused by the Lou Sang ritual as we all stood up, tossed the Snow Pear Salmon Yee Sang and made a mess of the table, making wishes for the New Year.

Overall, the food wasn't that great. Maybe because their specialty dishes like the crabs were not in the menu.

We certainly could tell how much they liked the food because when I asked the Manager sitting next to me what he thought of the Double Boiled Soup with Chicken and Dried Seafood (which I lurved!) and the Chilled Lin Chee Kang with Pearl Jelly, he replied, while slowly sipping, that they both had "interesting textures"!

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