Monday, February 08, 2010

unexpected goodies

Over the long weekend, Butterfly's company A had a CNY dinner. She went alone. She didn't know she'd be the odd one out like that.

Apparently, most of the people in A work in bigger teams than Butterfly, whereas she work with A's big sister company, A1, which is the world's leading consulting company. Her team consists of an A1 project manager and another A1 colleague. So she had the best of both worlds, somewhat.

A1 is known to have no work-life balance whatsoever, and there are people who's sold their souls to A1. And for better or worse, they're okay with that.

Whereas, since A is like the little sister, they don't get all the stresses that comes with A1. Some people have even left A1 to work with A just because it's not so krazy here.

So that night at Xenri, as Butterfly was mingling with her fellow comrades whom she have never met before, just because they're all on projects and not based at our office, she realised perhaps it's true after all, that people at A are more relaxed and not high-strung as those in A1.

After feasting on Japanese food, it was time for lucky draws. Everyone went home with a prize, and Butterfly won herself one of the top prizes! Butterfly told them, if this is what they get at every dinner event then she'd wanna join them too.

They also had group games, and Butterfly's group won the first prize! She didn't know if this would come in handy since she's fine with watching movies on her trusty laptop.

Not bad eh, for someone who didn't know anyone in the first place, to be getting so many goodies at the end of the night. Butterfly even got herself 2 guys fighting to get her into their projects.

But that's because Butterfly told them she was supposed to be rolling off this current project by end March, and she did purposely make it sound as if the client might want her there instead so they'd better get her on board theirs soon!


Anonymous said...

oh i used to work for A1 leh..though a short stint hehe

§nóflèk said...

then i should pick your brains on your personal experience hehe