Monday, October 25, 2010


My toy has gone unprotected for months now and I felt quite bad that it had to do its outing in a mere cotton drawstring bag.

The clumsy me had to remind myself that the camera was in the bag whenever I went travelling, because I have a tendency to rough it out. The drawstring bag was great for ease of use because I didn't have to unbuckle, unstrap and unzip everytime I needed to get a quick shot.

However, to give it proper care I have to get it a camera bag befitting its function.

Apparently the brand I was eyeing was selling like hot cakes, so I had to wait a bit before getting my hands on one.

When I was walking out with the bag after dinner with Leo & Terrence, I realised I was being stared by the grrls seated around us.

Thinking maybe there was some vege stuck between my teeth or my hair messed up from the day's seminar, I quickly made my way out of the restaurant with the bag.

Suddenly it hit me, why didn't I see that before? LV had just opened its doors in Gardens, and having such an obviously similar bag in monograms must've turned some eyes green with envy, them thinking I bagged (pun intended) myself 2 guys and a luxurious tote in hand.

Side note : I would've gotten the pink if I was still living in Japan.


licheng said...

very very cool bag for your camera :)

§nóflèk said...

heyhey! thanks hahaha
i sayang the bag so much i haven't even opened it since i brought it home with me :D