Friday, October 08, 2010

grilled at sumika

I'm kinda tired of telling people that I will only eat Japanese food in Malaysia only if it comes recommended.

But I'm also tired of being "conned" into eating Japanese food which looks good on the menu, is popular because there's always a line outside the store, and paying for sub-standard food that only ruins my gastronomic experience. The worst experience that represents all of the above goes by a 2-word name where the 2nd is the opposite of Queen.

While I understand that the many people do not mind such food because they have not tasted the original, I'm not here to gloat that just because I've been to Japan I know what's authentically Japanese. I'm just saying we deserve better :)

Sumika at SS15/4, Subang Jaya

I was pleasantly delighted to find a good yakiniku restaurant in Subang when we treated Papa for Father's Day.

I'm surprised my brother recommended this place, but I think he has pretty good taste in food too!

open-kitchen concept to see cooking in action

The Japanese owner is also the one grilling the food in an open-kitchen concept where patrons can also sit around the bar-top and enjoy the live cooking. The rest can opt to sit at proper tables and watch from afar.

I found the menu to be similar to an izakaya where you get to choose from a variety of meat and vegetable to be grilled over the open bbq area. For those who want something more filling, there are rice dishes and the obligatory miso soup & edamame.

green soybeans lightly salted

L : miso soup & chilled tofu sprinkled with bonito flakes
R : grilled fish with a grated radish

The menu given offers standard Japanese-bbq fare, but if you're game for something more different (and can read Japanese!), spot the handwritten menu next to the open kitchen area and place your order with the waiter. They're pretty friendly, and speak reasonably good Japanese compared to other restaurants.

grilled meat - beef, beef's tongue, chicken, chicken parts

I can remember the taste of the juicy grilled beef even as I type this!

one of the specials - grilled enoki in butter - very yummy!

Just when you enter into the restaurant, you will notice on the side wall rows of sake bottles labelled with names, mostly Japanese.

prices are similar to Tokyo's

That must mean that they have regular customers who keep their alcohol for return visits, which told me this place is good enough for Japanese then it must be authentic enough for me!

Food : 8.5/10
Service : 8.5/10
Ambience : 8.5/10


ping said... nice...I wan to go! bring me there please :p

§nóflèk said...

haha sure... how about for your birthday? even though this is not high class like iketeru (because you commented i gave low scores :p) but i really liked the ambience coz it reminded me of tokyo :)