Tuesday, October 12, 2010

that half tooth

When his friend reversed into him while playing futsal, my brother didn't have enough time to react because the ball was coming too fast. He hit backwards into my brother who was also eyeing at the ball, and they crashed into each other.

His friend shouted in pain. Almost a head taller, my brother apologised, thinking his friend had knocked into my brother's glasses.

Then came the grimace and more pain. My brother was surprised to see his friend on the floor, hands on the head, aching. Blood was flowing out. Surely a brush with the spectacles couldn't have produced that kind of injury.

Amongst the black hair and red oozing out, he saw something stuck on his friend's head. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that my brother's front tooth got lodged to the scalp and was the source of the pain!

Apparently half of his front incisor got chipped off in that seemingly innocent clash. So I'm wondering, either my brother's tooth is weak enough that it got broken in half, or strong enough to sink itself into someone's head causing him to have a 1-stitch minor surgery!

Who would have thought you could get hurt by half a tooth??

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