Thursday, October 21, 2010


I was meeting Eric at KL Sentral the other day and since he wanted something healthy yet filling, brought him to Chili Espresso, one of the better eating outlets at the area.

We had the Chorizo Sandwich and immediately loved the combination of tastes that made the dish. Since then, the memory of those flavours had not left me, and when I had the chance to drop by Jaya Grocer, found the same sausage to bring home with me.

The chorizo is a Spanish sausage made with herbs, pork meat and paprika, but the one we had was halal. I attempted to replicate (some of) the flavours with a healthy dose of mustard sauce burnt into the buttered sesame bread.

The tangy sauce coupled with spicy sausage was nicely balanced with the salad on the side and mushroom soup to make a nice late afternoon lunch. Hmm, maybe I should make another trip to experiment with another sausage...

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