Monday, February 28, 2011


The whole of last week has been krazybusystressful all at once. Everyone needed something done by that week itself. Not only from the client but from the firm as well - talk about dual loyalty. Felt like the Bangkok trip didn't happen, or rather, the effects of my holiday have been negated by the overwhelming requests from various parties.

Just when I was about to wind down after Bangkok, I had to stay back everyday at the office due to an important visit from some really top management on the client's side (yes, when you reach this state, you know you're beginning to associate yourself more with the client!).

Usually people would look forward to rewinding after a hectic week, but I had to wake up early for the drive up to Penang for a colleague's wedding. That meant it wasn't just me who would be pretty much whacked out from the week's krazybusystressful activities, and if someone weren't too eager to go clubbing after the wedding, it was perfectly understandable.

Weddings are usually happy affairs, and witnessing such love and warmth as evidenced by the couple's family & friends made my heart all fuzzy. But somehow I felt I wasn't being myself, and not able to be as cheery as I normally would when the 2 elements of good food and good company are around.

The effects of the previous week were taking a toll, and for most part, I tried to smile and laugh as I usually would, but deep inside I was really numbed and going through the motions. Here's to hoping for a better week this week.

Taken with my new toy at the beach of Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa - prolly the only time I was genuinely laughing - must be the effects of the beach!

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classyadele said...

sometimes u get those 'meh' days. but it will pass. It always does. :) So chin up!