Sunday, June 05, 2011


The weather these days have been rather unpredictable, with stretches of extremely hot & humid weather interspersed with unexpected heavy rain. Just when you're dressed in sleeveless to get an even tan, the late afternoon can suddenly turn to a session in the fridge with sudden thunderstorms and lightning flashing across the skies.

It was one of these days when we got caught in the rain on the way back that we decided to try something warm and soupy. Located in BVII, canoodling caught my eye with its catchy name and creative interior.

Even the menu had a quirky feel to it.
canoodling (/kəˈno͞odling) = to kiss and cuddle amorously *in this case, over noodles

I was suitably impressed with the prompt and courteous service extended by the wait staff. Rather than lament on the lack of service in the country just because I have experienced the best, I must commend them for their attentiveness.

Boasting a cheery yellow and solid black theme, this theme helped carry some air of playfulness in its interior decor. For those with an artistic streak, they can help themselves to the generous selection of crayons to doodle while waiting.

I like how it felt a bit like being in a kindergarten with the bold bright colours and seemingly simple cutleries. The chopsticks and spoons in the cup looked more like sticks of pencils in a jar, all waiting to be used for more doodling on the paper tablecloth.

The menu near the kitchen is boldly scribbled in Japanese chalk, offering a list of familiar local favourites. The dim lighting only served to accentuate the chrome accents from everything within sight.

There are plenty of plush cushions custom made to fit the theme of the restaurant, which could also be seen at the base of the lamps near the island for casual patrons.

Since I wasn't having much appetite after a long day at work, I decided to try something simple and went for the chee cheong fun in XO sauce. When one is hungry, it's funny how something that seemed so easily done and simply tossed can taste so good! Gives me an idea of what to cook if I want something quick and delicious.

Miss Barbie needed something more filling, so an order of pan mee accompanied by stuffed fish ball in soup based on the recommendation of the waiter. This was the dry version, almost reminded me of those Japanese meals that come with half-boiled egg to be mixed together with the other ingredients.

Apparently canoodling shares kitchen with a neighbouring eatery, known as forgoodnesssake, which was supposed to be a Japanese style bar. Unfortunately a few weeks after when we went back for more soupy goodness, that has closed down but replaced with a Chinese restaurant serving home-cooked dishes.

Food : 7.5/10
Service : 8.5/10
Ambience : 8.5/10

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