Saturday, June 25, 2011

flying on economy for business

So I'm almost packed - hope I didn't leave anything behind. It's hard to know sometimes when you go to a new country, whatmore a new continent this time. First time going for training overseas, on company budget! I'll get to experience what many other friends and family members have done, so I'll get to see whether I'd like travelling for business. Though unfortunately it wont be business class I'll be flying. Economy, bah.

Flying across great oceans and many time zones and transitting 2 times, this should be the biggest adventure so far. Hope I'd be able to get my mind off work a bit, though I'd be expected to still check mails.

Anyways, I'll try to write more when I'm there. Although everyone around me feels excited for me, suggesting places to go, food to try and things to do, I have yet to feel it myself. I guess I'm still too exhausted from all the late nights past few weeks.

Looking forward to catching some sleep and movies on the plane :) Hasta la vista, I'll be back!


Yap! It's 3088.. said...


Wherever you're going, am glad to hear you finally get what you wished for. Have a safe trip and hear from you soon...

licheng said...

already in the Windy City? hot and muggy i'm afraid!

i'm now in tokyo, had a great wknd, meeting up with some friends, despite the limited time. also nursing a bad cold and office tomorrow, then off to narita in the aftn for my flight bck to US.

§nóflèk said...

yap : thanks aruden, i've just arrived in chicago after 2 transits, but don't have my luggage with me. hope it reaches me.. somehow!

licheng : yupyup arrived just a few hours ago, had breakfast at the training ctr, and now wanna get some nap before going out. its perfect crisp spring weather, but i'm still trying to get used to it after coming fr 30degC malaysia! lol

too bad we can't meet though... maybe can call you to catch up? :)