Sunday, June 20, 2010

ゆりからの喋喋 butterflies in a box

The F2C2 is taking its run longer than I expected! I've always used this term whenever I have the full course of flu x fever x cold x cough. Bad enough that I've become unfit since I came back, but it's ironic that I got hit by this after I attempted to get back into the groove by going for swimming.

Think I went for that swim just when I was about to recover from a mild cold, and thinking I was strong enough, didn't get enough rest to recuperate, and instead went into a rebound and ended up this bad.

So if Yuri doesn't mind, this will be a belated birthday post for her :) ごめんね、お姉ちゃん m(_ _)m

Even though her parcel came 1 month late, it was delightful to see how many butterflies she was able to pack into the little box!

Butterfly cut-out birthday card

Just below the card was some ziplock bags with Woodstock's face on it.

Snoopy looking a bit confused there, but I was more interested in the goodies inside.

No wonder she asked me not to keep the parcel unopened for too long. Knowing me, I like to keep my presents wrapped for as long as possible because I think the magic will disappear once the wrappers come undone! I think I have the delayed gratification syndrome >.<

These must be the spring flavours currently being sold in Japan. Though I thought banana was summer a few years ago. Same goes for strawberry.

This one may not look appetizing, but the name sure does - ストロベリーチーズケーキ (strawberry cheesecake)

濃きなこ - dark/thick soybean flour. A quick search showed up a gift pack for this - also Tokyo special edition.

Another result showed a Japanese blog which when scrolled down revealed even MORE special edition Kitkats! Unbelievable @.@

The name says it all - ラズベリー&パッションフルーツ. Looks too lurvey to eat! Think it was sold for Valentine's Day, because at the back of the box there's even a space for personal messages and according to Yuri, it's the best Kitkit she's ever had.

Beneath those edible gifts were butterflies hidden for me to unearth! Butterfly fridge magnets, butterfly bookmark, butterfly napkins (which I think will be too pretty to wipe the mouth with) and what seemed like batik butterfly motifs.

I was so amused when I found this butterfly umbrella at the bottom of the box! I was beginning to wish I was back in Japan again, and having access to all kinds of cute pretty stuff like these. There's just no way I'd be able to buy so many butterflies here.

And neatly tucked next to it was a pack of butterfly hooks, which I thought would go absolutely well on my pastel pink wall!

Just when I thought there was nothing else in the box, I noticed this small little pack in orange tissue in between the other gifts, which had hairclips which she had received but thought I'd appreciate it better :)

Oh before I forget, there was one more KitKat which got me so curious that I ate it before even taking a proper photograph of it - 山葵!Apparently this wasabi is from Shizuoka prefecture, the largest producer in Japan, accounting for over half of the market.

This one had the familiar tinges of pungent horseradish, but the sweetness of the confection more than masked it so it wasn't repulsive or anything!


licheng said...

I saw all these kit kat at narita, but only got a few as was in a rush to board the plane..eheheh..
yummy in my tummy! :D

§nóflèk said...

eh you went to japan again? :)
feel so bad that i'm so sick, if not i'd have followed up with what each of those kitkats tasted like!