Thursday, February 12, 2004

love is in the air

The big V-day is approaching. You can feel it in gift stores like "Lorong Kenangan" (translate fr BM and u'll get wat i mean) selling pink soft toys, jewellery shops promoting their heart-shaped pendants, songs from such albums as Eternal Love and even the looks in people's eyes.

I've never really celebrated valentine's like how some couples do. Candle-lit dinner at a posh restaurant with rose petals strewn on the table. A dozen red roses wrapped in matching textured paper and tied with a big bow. Dim lights, sensual scents wafting in the air, romantic music being played.

But of course, that's just one scenario lah. I think I'm the die-hard romantic type. I just realised this not too long ago. I mean, I've never really celebrated V-day (even when I was wif my darling(s)). After all, it's so grossly commercialised. But this year was slightly different.

I got an invitation for this Saturday from a friend of mine. We've known each other for some years now, and recently I got a call from him asking me out for a date. I gently hinted that i had other invitations to consider, which prompted him to persuade me even further. He tried to woo me with his plans.

Seems that he has booked, no not booked, but "chartered a boat" for a romantic evening on the Putrajaya lake. To ensure we were not disturbed he booked the whole boat. We were to adjourn to the magnificent buildings in the administrative city for a stroll while we walked and talked under the star-lit sky.

Sounds romantic, huh?

See what I mean, I almost got suckered into the V-day hype. But I don't want to mislead him into thinking we would have anything more than our friendship now. I enjoy our relationship as it is, and it would be unfair to give him a wrong impression if I were to take up his invitation.

Or am I being too cruel...

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