Thursday, February 19, 2004

of sham and her phone

KUALA LUMPUR : An employee in a local financial services company dropped her phone her today in the toilet cubicle. Sham, an executive with the company, was about to "do her business" when her 5-month old Nokia 2100 accidently slipped out of her grip into the toilet hole.

Maintenance staff was soon summoned to the 15th floor lavatory to assist in retrieving her phone. Their supervisor, an Indian man named Guna saved the day. Using a high-powered vaccum cleaner, he managed to suck the phone out. Unfortunately the phone was not working when it came out.

Sham has since vowed not to bring her handphone into the toilet with her. Apparently it has been her practice to do so, as her job required her to always be on call.

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