Thursday, April 01, 2004

Michael Bublé (p2)

I remember posting about Michael Bublé late last year. About falling in love with his voice and wanting to have a sample of it.

Last week, I got a belated birthday pressie from one of my grrlfriends and I was almost expecting a Josh Groban CD. Well, in her card she indicated that it would be something I'd love listening to. She had earlier asked me to make a wish list for my birthday. The more the better, then it would be harder to guess what I would be getting. So among the list of 10 things, I wrote Josh Groban CD and Michael Bublé CD.

Since Josh's "You Raise Me Up" had been playing on local airwaves quite frequently, I automatically assume I'd be getting his CD. Lo and behold, it was Michael Bublé! What a surprise!!! :D

But the problem is, this CD doesn't seem to play on normal CD players. It said on the cover "Enhanced CD", and when I inserted it into my PC's CD player, it didn't play by itself. How weird.... This CD must be too canggih for my old PC :((

Such agony, it's like receiving a CD player but not having a CD to enjoy its features!

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