Saturday, January 09, 2010

murphy's law?

Today felt like a very bad day for me. As much as I don't believe in luck as to call it an unlucky day, I even checked to see if today was Friday the 13th!

First the train came late. Everything went fine until the train in which I was supposed to take, encountered complications on its way to the Subang station. For about half an hour we waited there, most looked nonchalant since late trains are nothing new here.

Then the announcement came; apparently there have been some problems at the tracks and the trains were not able to make it. So they arranged for the next train to pick us up instead, on the opposite platform! In the end I was late for at least an hour, and had to call my boss up because I was supposed to have a morning meeting.

I felt really bad because this was not the first time this has happened, and I really cannot keep using it as an excuse, even though it's true.

As much as I have a really understanding boss, it will sound fishy if everytime there's a morning meeting I end up being late and the reason is because of the KTM trains.

Then as the day went by, I kept getting messages about the church arson cases in Klang Valley. It was disturbing because they were mostly from local blogs and overseas news agencies. At that time, very little was being reported on Malaysian newspapers; they only started publishing towards the evening.

It did not help that SMS' were being circulated about extremists smashing cars which bore Christian symbols in posh Bangsar area, and that some protests were being made in the compounds of several mosques in the Klang Valley.

The skies looked as if they empathised with the gloomy atmosphere down here.

Just when I was walking down the office to get to the station, it started to rain. For some reason, my feet gave way and I found myself tumbling down the stairs. Next thing I knew, I was sitting at one of the steps, trying to feel my feet amidst the pain.

As I was trying to figure out what had just happened, some grrls came to ask if I was okay. That was quite unexpected, seeing most just walked by as if nothing had happened.

One of them asked if I could walk. I didn't even know how to answer her question because I was trying to rub the pain away, much less access the usability of my limb. So she held out her hand and offered to get me up. Her 2 other colleagues were there too and looked concerned.

We managed to walk across the street safely, me limping of course. Since I didn't want to hold them up, I decided I would sit down at one of the benches in the station building while I try to rub my feet back to life.I apologised for their taking the trouble and even found out they worked in the same building.

After what seemed like a very long time, I gathered strength enough to walk down to the KTM station and get myself back home.

Now my feet is propped up on the table with a cold compress and I'm wondering if my mind was too occupied with the state of our country until I forgot to watch my steps.

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