Monday, January 25, 2010

musical journey around the world

Today was a special treat which I have been looking forward to since my PM emailed and asked if we would like tickets to the MPO.

The company I represent (not to be confused by the company I'm contracted under nor the company I'm contracted to :D) are subscribers to the MPO, and had an allocation of 50 for this season. Apparently only limited tickets were trickled down by the Partners, depending on who they think deserve or would appreciate them. Our Partner in Resourcing suggested giving some to the client.

Somehow, after a series of emails, it came to our team. The original 4 had no grabbers, and when the email came, I quickly said yes to it. My PM was nice enough to ask if I wanted to bring a friend along, so I managed to get 2!

I've always had my quota of visits to the MPO and other performing arts ever since they started blooming in Malaysia. This was when Actors Studio was still in its infancy back in BSC, when Malaysia first opened its doors to musicals at Istana Budaya and we didn't have to go across the causeway to catch broadway and theatrical performances.

The tickets don't cost that much, in fact I think MPO tickets are really reasonable given its reputation and repertoire.

This was my first time attending the Family Fun Day series where children are encouraged to attend and enjoy the interactive session while being treated to, well, fun orchestral music.

We got really nice seats; actually this could have been my first time sitting on the ground floor, with a splendid view of the hall. What a waste, as I refrained from knocking my head on the nearest wall, because I had not thought of bringing along my trusty camera. This was my first MPO of the year, free one at that, and I had not the tool to immortalise that experience.

As I began to admire the architecture and detailing that went into making Malaysia's only Philharmonic Hall, I was feeling proud that we have something that is quite world-class, and yet very affordable for the masses to enjoy beautiful music.

It must be noted that the conductor, Richard Kaufman is a Grammy-award winner whose tour in Malaysia made a difference in the quality of the performance. It really showed in his passion for music by the way he conducted the orchestra.

Kudos to the musicians of the MPO team who presented no less than 10 music from around the world, some very recognisable favourites, most at fast vivacity and still wonderfully delivered. All within an hour. The cherries of the performance must have been the children's choir that came from behind to sing "It's a small world", and the finale which brought us music from "out of this world".

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