Monday, January 11, 2010

post-dit da

The first thing I did when waking up today was to move my ankle. I drew circles in the air, swinged it from left to right, bend it from the toes down and just wiggled it around.

It did not have the uncomfortable pain like the day before. The medicine must have worked through the night, I told myself as I did some light stretches on the bed.

Sure enough, as I got out of bed, it felt a lot better. I didn't have to limp, nor be worried that I would put unnecessary stress on the left foot. Except for climbing up and down the stairs, walking on the ground felt rather normal if not for the presence of the bandage.

As instructed by the chiropractor, I was able to open up the bandage in the evening. I had not brought my camera to capture the treatment, so the post-treatment ones will do.

If I were a 3rd party looking at this, I would have cringed at the sight of it. Kinda looks like my ankle has been swallowed by a nasty tumour from the outside! @.@

After washing the medicine away, my ankle now looked very wrinkled and dark. I have to remember not to scratch it unconsciously tonight because it sure does feel itchy now!

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