Sunday, January 31, 2010

mango pudding kit kats

Continuing on the Kit Kat craze, I had bought some of the Summer editions before returning to Malaysia. I had only thought about it on my last day after working at Leafcup.

The スポーツドリンク (sports drink) flavoured wafer was in aid of the JFA Dream Asia Project which supports the dreams of football-loving kids and supports coaches who are involved to help them have a better future.

This one tasted a bit like 100plus wrapped in white chocolate, but without the carbonated feel to it.  

Coming in a smaller version, the マンゴープリン (mango pudding) tasted rather sweet for my liking. It was like eating mango alright, but in a more creamy texture. Maybe that was why it was sold in mini sizes.

The only one I have yet to try is the 梅ソーダ仕立て, which is "prepared with plum soda". The back of the packaging described its filling as soda powder mixed with  シュワシュワパウダー cream and coated with plum flavoured chocolate. Interesting, can't wait to try this one out. These are perfect for the summer, meant to freshen and titillate the tastebuds.

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