Saturday, January 30, 2010

soy-sauce kit kats

It has been 2 years+ since I last wrote about funky Kit Kats in Japan. When Yuri visited me last month and brought me more Kit Kats I was so delighted! That also reminded I have some Kit Kats which I haven't written about yet.

When Leon visited me in spring 2008, he brought me Kit Kat from the airport. I was surprised because I thought he'd bring something Malaysian like nasi lemak, char kuey teow or putu mayam. I know, those wouldn't have gone through the customs but I was craving for something Malaysian then.

To his credit, he did bring me some Indomie maggi mee goreng. Which I think was initally for his own consumption in case he ran out of Japanese yen and had to survive on something cheaper. Since I managed to help him save $ by getting him a room in our house, he left his Indomie with me.

So anyways, I was rather surprised that he bought 醤油風味キットキャット (shouyu flavoured Kit Kat). I knew he had learnt basic Japanese back in uni, but I was pretty sure he didn't know this was actually soy-sauce Kit Kat!

I nibbled slowly to see if I could find traces of soy sauce, but the wafer itself was not as salty as I thought it'd be. So much so that I questioned my own Japanese if I had read the words wrongly.

Apparently this was a special "edition" because it was only sold at the Narita airport  (東京限定 means it's restricted to Tokyo only)

As the days get hotter, tastebuds change as well. The flavours that were introduced spring/summer 2009 reflected that, and the Japanese' penchant for novelty. The pink one is ローズ (rose), whereas the bottom one is レモンビネガー (lemon vinegar).

The rose flavoured Kit Kat was quite pleasant, even smelt quite lovely. I wanted to take a close-up shot to see if it looked any different from the regular ones, but this was the best shot I got. The lemon vinegar had tinges of salty bits which made it rather interesting.

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