Thursday, June 24, 2010


The doctor gave me an MC for today, and told me that I should get enough rest (since I haven't fully recovered from the previous bout), and even said I shouldn't think too much!

Honestly, I don't really feel much better after taking this new round of meds; remind me to fire him tomorrow.

Anyways. So since I was told not to think too much, I let myself wander through blogs and see if I could get something to cheer me up.

I've got something to share, but for now, I found this nifty Wanokoto tool from meimeizoe, and decided to have a go at it.

These were all taken with the webcam my 7D4 grrls gave me, so they're all of my Tokyo room. This was in the summer last year when I was contemplating my short term plans.

Taken sometime after Christmas with the gift that my brother had bought from the UK, missing my family.

This was 1 year before that, when I was in the midst of exploring Tokyo and trying to put a brave front despite not liking it at all.

Oh how time flies and a city like that can grow on you!

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