Monday, June 14, 2010

secret powers of time

First saw this on Adele's blog about the perspectives of time.

Being a creative person I was more intrigued by the illustration than the talk, but nevertheless found it interesting as I have to agree on the point where he mentioned that people who live nearer to the Equator have a different sense of time perspective.

I found this so true because when I was in Japan, there was always something to look forward to with each passing season. So when my mentor Bro Ong advised me to journal in quarters, it fit really well with the concept of seasons.

I themed each season according to major events that happened and how I felt during those times. In retrospect, it was good to see what I've gone through and how I've grown as a result of that.

Coming back to Malaysia, it feels as if things are the same but yet not quite. Having a perpetually hot summer weather doesn't help, especially not in measuring time and helping to plan things in quarters. Suffice to say, I miss the four seasons!

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