Thursday, June 10, 2010

lubes and foosball

In conjunction with the FIFA World Cup 2010 which is going to be officiated anytime soon now in South Africa, sponsor Castrol has kicked off the games with “Castrol Clash of the Continents”  held early last month. Since the client owns Castrol, we were given a taste of the greatest game on earth in the office.

Those of us who were keen to join in the fun were divided into countries from the South America and Europe regions. They had organised the Castrol Footie Gladiator Facebook Game and Foosball challenge. The pantry was transformed into a mini stadium with supporters from various teams cheering their friends. Each team was given a goodie bag of sports jersey, cap and key-chain and it was quite exciting changing into our attire and getting into the mood.

Personally I have never been into football and don't ever recall having a go at foosball, but since my team mates were so kiasu, I had no choice but to give my best too. In fact most of us had never done foosball before, so we were actually prepared to lose!

Give our best we did, and surprisingly we advanced through the rounds and were even declared the winner for the group. So Team Uruguay went on to represent South America in the final round. Team Portugal from Europe was just too good; I had seen them practice the day before and I knew how well they played.

I must say we fared much better in the Facebook game, though in the end the title went to them. But still, we never ever expected to even reach this stage, much less to be declared runners-up! So we went home with another goodie bag - this time filled with World Cup jacket, T-shirt and guess what?

2 bottles of Lubes! (Imagine us commuting on the train with these...)

Which came in really handy because the next day my car was due for its 10km service, so I managed to save a bit on the engine oil :)

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