Thursday, June 10, 2010

hitting the 10k mark

My baby has reached the 10k milestone! Maybe I should start christening it...

My first ever in Japan was called Stitch because it was blue and spunky despite its 660cc. Gosh I even once drove 120km/h on the Japan expressway while having a full load of belongings shifting from Niigata city to Urasa.

Thinking of Stitch makes me miss having a car in Japan - it only cost me JPY0 to own it! (though I had to pay JPY60k for road tax, insurance and car inspection)

This one here is 1000cc higher and cost me my lifetime savings @.@


Crowned Fish said...

Doing your part to contribute to global warming. Hurray!

Did you know my boss and queen are going to Penang on Tuesday?

§nóflèk said...

i guess you're not aware that our public transportation system is rather non-existent here... :( if i had a choice i wouldn't want one in the first place!

ah, time flies. will they be coming down to klang valley?

Crowned Fish said...

Most likely not with the queen. I guess there isn't a chance you could head up to Penang? :)

§nóflèk said...

i would really like to, especially seeing the queen for the first time. but, on such a short notice, it would be tight. i hope to be able to at least talk to your boss just to catch up! :)