Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Before I retire to bed, I have a million thoughts running through my mind. In the morning when I wake up, I recall some of those thoughts. Then I remember that during the Komuter ride to work the other day, I also had a million thoughts. Some of which I was constructing sentences for so that I could blog about them.

Then when I reach the office, I get down to work and forget about the nightmare of yeasty body odour and balancing act that I had to do while stuck in a sandwich-packed train, no thanks to cancelled trains and unscheduled delays.

The experience was so vivid I was sure I wouldn't forget about it. In fact, I had planned for it to go into my queue of drafts together with the other thoughts of the day, new restaurant finds, reunion with friends, interesting quips and grouses of a deteriorating nation.

Coz I know once I get home the last thing I wanna do is to switch on the PC, spoil my eyes and spend hours away at some social media site. Besides, I have too many unread books to catch up with, letters to write, gifts to send, movies to enjoy and a million other things I should be doing but have not.

Then I tell myself, I'm sure I will have some spare time in between work that I can quickly type something out. Maybe on notepad just to be less obvious. And that's exactly what I'm doing now, after many days of fleeting million thoughts and nothing jotted down!


SL said...

go get yourself a blackberry, Iphone or a smart phone.with one of this gadget, you can write down your thoughts anytime and anywhere :)

Thomas Hoo said...

iPad is a good idea.

§nóflèk said...

SL : exactly my thoughts too - now the dilemma is WHICH smartphone to get for a good price since many come in data plan packages...

thomas : er, but iPad is too big for my liking and besides will be too obvious in a sardine-packed train! :)

SL said...

depending on what you wanna use it for. the data package are just for attractions purposes... you can upgrade your plan later... choose the phone then the data plan. below are my thoughts:

Blackberry - very business like (ada gaya!very corporate looked! i like). but software features are quite boring actualy, maklum la, it is for business. able to Link your email to the phone using Blackberry data plan (Blackberry data plan -(i think is called BIS) is diff from other smart phone data-you got to ask those technical ppl)

Iphone - one word - "trendy"(US just released Iphone 4 today)Can linked your email to the phone like Blackberry too. But i think the data plan is the same as the normal smartphone (eg Nokia) data plan. software features in Iphone is much better than Blackberry. I viewed Iphone as an entertainment phone.graphics and colours in Iphone are much more attractive.

Others (eg nokia E series, samsung, HTC) - dont have much knowledge in these brands but I heard that E series are quite good. Other than E series, i think my Nokia N95(8G) has a blogging tool too, but I dont know how to use. My model is super old la, so please don't consider.Also the screen is too small for writing.I only use it for my quick emailing and FBooking.

§nóflèk said...

thanks SL for your review of the main category of smartphones! my same thoughts for blackberry (especially since i'm not getting a free one from the company - and even if i did, dun think it would be a good idea!) and iphone (suddenly everyone in m'sia so rich can afford iphone, thus making it not so special anymore :p)

so yes i also kinda shortlisted to "others", which includes looking at e72 and htc. heard the htc desire just came out, and also the n8 which suspiciously behaves a lot like iphone!

so will you be upgrading yourself? :)