Sunday, August 28, 2011

japan cuteness p1

Was trying to explain tatami to Miss Barbie when I ended up digging out pictures from my Japan days. Was feeling a bit nostalgic looking through them, and realised I never really posted some of them here.

Most were taken randomly because I thought they were so Japanese! Agree with her that I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to live in Japan where the culture is rich and so many things can be made cute and/or pretty.

Electricity bill comes printed with chick-like silhouettes. Maybe to cushion the amount you'd have to pay to the Tohoku Electric Power Co. Inc.

But then, since it was my first notice, the statement was more to tell me when they will be coming over to check my usage.

Bank account cards, and these are not for kids. Ended up having a few accounts because they have local banks which may not have branches in other cities/prefectures. Since I moved a few times in Japan, ended up with at least 3 separate accounts.

First time receiving a gift wrapped in 風呂敷*, hence took me some time before I finally had to open it because I didn't want to spoil the wrapping.

Petite sweets to be savoured with green tea.

Received this when I loaned my car to a classmate. With most confectionery, they get seasonal, and this was the Winter Opera.

Sprinkled with gold flakes, almost couldn't bear to sink my teeth in 'em!

* 風呂敷 【ふろしき】 (n) wrapping cloth; cloth wrapper;


Yap! It's 3088.. said...

the bank cards will always remind me of cycling with you tagged at the back of the bike!;)

Joel said...

Very nice Ms Lee. I've really been missing Japan lately :-(

§nóflèk said...

Yap : lol i still have those pictures, thinking about it makes me laugh at the hilarity of those days when we practically had chicken and duck talk with our chinese buddy!

Joel : ya me too, especially with my working visa expiring very soon! :(