Tuesday, August 30, 2011

japan cuteness p2

One of the little delights I missed about Japan was trying out the foods there. It's always a pleasure to find something new in the supermarket when I do my groceries.

Like trying out this Kraft cheese triangles with bits of white peach in 'em. I try to get these stuff into the fridge so I have something to treat myself from time to time.

Was surprised to find After Eight's, came in dark rum cream insides.

I started using schedulers in Japan, just can't resist because they're so cute!

Even though I may not understand French, but it's the cuteness that counts. You will find a lot of these stuff in Japan in foreign language that a lot of times don't make sense. I know this because I had a French colleague.

But this is where schedulers come in handy - they provide pages of very useful train and subway networks. And this is just for Tokyo.

With something this cute for a cup of Honey Milk tea, it's hard not to resist. Also, I saved this for a treat during the winter days.

When I saw another version many months after that, the Strawberry Milk tea ended up in my fridge for a summer treat.

Some may think I have not gotten over Japan yet, but with so many other interesting pictures in my archives still not shared, and it being one very memorable phase in my life, I find it difficult to not reminisce once in awhile.

Looking back, I can't help but be thankful for that period, with all its ups and downs. I may not fully comprehend why they all happened, but I'd like to think that those events provided some important life lessons.

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